Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How To Say It In Myanmar

The followings are some commonest expressions for greeting, thanking, apologizing and shopping. You May find it difficult to get correct pronunciation. Don't go too much on it! Just try to say it. You'll be much appreciated by you Myanmar friends.

Hello!  =   Min-Ga-La-Ba!
Good Morning! = Same as Hello
Good Afternoon! = Same as Hello
Good Evening! = Same as Hello

How are you?  =  Nay - Kaung - Bar - Ye - Lar
Fine, thanks.  =  Nay - Kaung - Ba - de.  Kyay-Zu-Be.

Glad to meet you.  =  Tway-Ya-Dar-Wan-Tha-Ba-De

Can you help me?  =  Ah-Ku-Ah-Nyi-Taung-Pa-Ya-Say

How much?  =  Bal-Lout-Le

I am leaving.  =  Pyan-Lai-Pa-Own-Mae

Thank You.  =  Kyay-Zu Be.

Airport  =  Lay-Zeik
Bus Stop  =  Car-Geik
Railway Station  =  Mee-Ya-Htar-Bu-Dar-Yon
Police Station   =  Ye-Sa-Khan
Embassy  =  Than-Yon
Hospital  =  Say-Yon
Post Office  =  Sar-Deik
Market  =  Zay

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