Sunday, August 7, 2016

Day Trip Outside Yangon - Thanlyin

Thanlyin Bridge
Thanlyin a short drive from Yangon across the river of the same name. Where Yangon is a bustling city of more than five million inhabitants, a pretty sleepy towns that can be reached by car and it's closer to Yangon than Twante and highlights that the development of the area surrounding the city remains limited, even as little as 45 minutes from downtown by car.
Portuguese adventurer and brigand Philipe De Brito used Thanlyin as his base during the late 16th and early 17th centuries, launching raids against Bago and Yangon. Of interest to tourists is the Kyaikkhauk Pagoda that is believed to contain two Buddha hairs. A famous meditation center where you can practice, a Nat Shin Hnaung Monument and a short 1,500 ks boat ride from Thanlyin in Kyauktan is Yele Paya, which sits on a small island in the river. On the way back to Yangon, you can also visit the National Villages where you can see the different styles of houses and culture from different state of Myanmar.
ref; Simon Whiting
Shan Village at the National Races Village

Nat Shin Haung Memoral Temple 

Kyauk Tann Yele Paya

Meditation Center

Portuguese Church

Portuguese Church Inside

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